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A Message from the County Clerk


"Even though the Chemung County Clerk is an elected position (4 year term), I feel that it is really an elected civil servant who works at the Chemung County taxpayers' discretion."

"We complete many transactions for you at the Chemung County Clerk's Office and at the Department of Motor Vehicles (Chemung County License Bureau). The County Clerk shall perform duties prescribed by Law as register, and is the clerk of the Supreme Court and clerk of the County court within Chemung County. The Chemung County Clerk performs such additional and related duties as may be prescribed by law and directed by the Chemung County Legislature. The Chemung County Clerk is an agent to the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and is responsible for all the functions that are completed at the Chemung County License Bureau as directed by New York State Law and procedure. In the County Clerk's office, as well as the License Bureau, we collect revenue for the County of Chemung and the State of New York that help offset the taxes collected from the taxpayers in Chemung County with the majority of the revenue going to the State of New York. The documents recorded, filed and transactions completed in these two very intricate environments, is overwhelming and too numerous to list for this particular information."

"I have had many goals and objectives to achieve in this Chemung County Clerk environment, and with the help of my staff and others, the success has been wonderful for the taxpayers and the clients who utilize our services. I am happy to have achieved complete computerization of the Chemung County Clerk's office, including image enabling of documents. I have offered extended hours at the Chemung County License Bureau and created an information desk and client numbering system for the convenience of our clients. The Chemung County Clerk's office is a full service office, assuring that our clients do not have to travel to Binghamton and other areas to complete transactions. Our motor vehicle office is user-friendly: the automobile dealers and their associates work closely with us. We complete their transactions, and they sell cars, which generates tax dollars for the County of Chemung."

"Please come into our offices so we can continue to keep our tax dollars here in Chemung County, not in Albany. When you see a return address for renewals of your driver's license or your vehicle's registration, please DO NOT send it to Albany. Come into our office or mail it to us. I have a drop box located at the front of the Human Resource Building (License Bureau), or simply drop it off at the Information Booth in the License Bureau. We will have your renewal back to you in three (3) business days, not the 3 weeks it will take to get it back from Albany. You can even come in and wait to have your renewal completed. COME IN AND SEE US. WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS."

Katie Hughes