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About the Districts 

Approximately 80% of the 35,000 households in the County and over 90% of all businesses are served by the Chemung County Sewer Districts. Jointly, the Sewer Districts process approximately 18 million gallons of wastewater per day and meet state and federal discharge requirements.

The Chemung County Elmira Sewer District services the City of Elmira, the Town of Elmira and portions of the Town of Southport. The treatment facility went on-line in 1987 and utilizes a trickling filter/solid contact treatment technology. The collection network encompasses some 4,300 acres and services approximately 45,000 people.

Chemung County Sewer District No.1, formed in the early 1960's, serves an area directly north of the City of Elmira. This area includes all the Village of Elmira Heights, the majority of the Village of Horseheads, and portions of the Towns of Elmira, Horseheads, Veteran and Big Flats. The Sewer District No. 1 collection network consists of approximately 100 miles of mainline sewer that discharges to a trickling filter facility that was built in 1962 and last upgraded in 1989.

The Baker Rd. package Plan is housed in a pre- engineered building with approximate dimensions of 42 feet wide by 50 feet long with a 12-foot eve height. FAST© is an aerobic, fixed film, packed bed reactor with 100 percent submerged media which provides a high surface area to volume ratio. The air distribution system below the media provides circulation of the wastewater and provides air that supplies oxygen to the bacteria. Unlike conventional activated sludge suspended growth systems, the FAST© bacteria grow on the media and the liquor circulated through the bacteria-laden media is essentially clean and has a low amount of solids.