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GIS and Maps

The ECTC and its member agencies use GIS for a wide range of applications. GIS is an important tool that is commonly used in the decision making process for transportation planning. GIS can be used to create something as simple as a graphical map of a walking route in the downtown Elmira area or can be as complex as comparing multiple layers of information such as pavement condition, traffic volumes, bus and trucking routes and commercially zoned properties to determine the best project to add to the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The ECTC is committed to maintain and enhance GIS capabilities to provide effective and efficient support to its planning activities.

As GIS has become more main-stream common practice, the ECTC made a decision that all contractual location-specific work must be submitted in GIS format. The last two Long Range Plans (2004 & 2009) are examples of the commitment to that decision. The maps from the 2009 LRP can found on this website and the GIS data behind those maps is used in our day-to-day operations as ECTC strives to find the best transportation projects.

Other examples of GIS can be found amongst the many maps located on this website. The conversion of I86 has been mapped as progress has continued across the state converting the New York State 17 Expressway into Interstate 86. Many of the walking routes, biking routes and trails in Chemung County have been mapped using GIS. Such examples of these maps are the Elmira Downtown Walking Routes, the Elmira Promenade, the Lackawanna Trail and future Riverview section, NYS Bike Routes 14 and 17, the Catharine Valley Trail and others and are available on this website. These maps can be found on Kiosks along some of these trails to better inform users to information about facilities along the trail and in surrounding communities.

Lastly GIS has become an essential tool as Chemung County moves forward with managing its many assets in the City of Elmira DPS and County DPW. Data is being collected and updated annually to include information about street widths, surface condition, types, bridge condition, traffic volumes, condition of signs and striping and the location of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. This information allows for more efficient monitoring and maintenance of the road system and related facilities.

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