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Chemung County Bullying Prevention Taskforce

What is Bullying?

At first glance, many people might think this behavior is easy to define. Their first image of bullying
might be of a physically intimidating boy beating up a smaller classmate. While that can still be
considered bullying today, parents need to know that bullying behaviors can be much more complex
and varied than the stereotype.

  • The behavior hurts or harms another person physically or emotionally.
  • The targets have difficulty stopping the behavior directed at them, and struggle to defend
  • Many definitions include a statement about the ”imbalance of power”, described as when the
    student with the bullying behavior has more “power”, either physically, socially, or emotionally,
    such as a higher social status, is physically larger or emotionally intimidating.

A basic guideline for your child is this: Let the child know that if the behavior [of another student] hurts
or harms them, either emotionally or physically, it’s bullying.
Source: PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

What Is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyberbullying can occur through SMS, Text, and apps, or online in social media, forums, or gaming where people can view, participate in, or share content. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior.

The most common places where cyberbullying occurs are:

  • Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok
  • Text messaging and messaging apps on mobile or tablet devices
  • Instant messaging, direct messaging, and online chatting over the internet
  • Online forums, chat rooms, and message boards, such as Reddit
  • Email
  • Online gaming communities