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Tech Corner

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(New Arrival!) Scholastic Kids: Read books, play games, and learn about the newest Scholastic book releases!   Click Here

(New Arrival!) Disney Now: Play games and fun activities including your favorite Disney shows!   Click Here

(New Arrival!) Nick Jr.: Fun, games, videos, and more for your favorite Nick Jr. shows!   Click Here

Ben’s Guide to the US Government:
 Designed to inform kids, students, and parents about the Federal Government – a fun way to learn about the branches of government, US history, and much more!   Click Here

PBS Kids
Play educational games and videos from some of your favorite PBS Kids TV Shows!  Click Here

Time for Kids:
TIME for Kids engages students with authentic journalism and inspires them to join the national discourse on current topics.   Click Here

4Kids: Educational adventure, actions, and role-playing games.   Click Here

ABC!: Reading, math, skill, and strategy games for all ages! You can even search for games that are perfect for your own grade!   Click Here

Ask Dr. Universe: Learn about tons of cool stuff and even ask Dr. Universe your own questions.   Click Here

Play assorted games like strategy, arcade, action, and role-playing games.   Click Here

CIA Kids: Solve puzzles, crack codes, and discover clues like a real CIA officer in different spy games!   Click Here

Funbrain: There are a ton of picture books and some longer novels like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. You can also watch clips with superheroes, cartoons, and other kids talking about their favorite stuff!    Click Here

GoNoodle: Jump, wave, and wiggle with fun captivating movement games!   Click Here

Highlights Kids: Play games, discover new jokes, surveys, answers to science questions, fun crafts, and recipes!   Click Here

Switch Zoo: Sort animals based on what they eat, build your own habitat for animals, and challenge your animal knowledge on a Zoo Quest.   Click Here

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(New Arrival!) Nick Jr.: This interactive app offers access to Nick Jr. shows, games, music and more!   iPhone   Android

(New Arrival!Dancing Road: Color Ball Run: Dance with the colorful ball as you work to solve the rolling puzzle and unlock new songs!   iPhone   Android

(New Arrival!) Girls Nail Salon: Design and shape nails in your very own nail salon! Don't let the name fool you- this app is for anyone interested in nail design!   iPhone   Android

(New Arrival!Dotopedia: Join Dot in this interactive information hub where you can explore the subjects you're passionate about through pictures, audio clips, articles, and games!   iPhone

Coloring Book: Coloring and doodling game for kids!   iPhone   Android

Dr. Panda’s Café: Show your customers to their seats and memorize their orders while multitasking as you prepare coffee, cakes, pizza, and more!   iPhone   Android

Lightbot Code Hour: A programming puzzle game – use logic to solve the different puzzles.   iPhone   Android

PBS Kids: Fun, educational games featuring characters from some of your favorite PBS Kids shows!   iPhone   Android

ARrrrrgh: Find buried treasure in the real world using Augmented Reality. You can also bury your own treasure for other to find!   iPhone

Box Island: Guide Hiro, your friendly box, through fun levels using coding tools.  iPhone

Comomola Planets Puzzle: A rotating puzzle game – you have to put piece in the right place, but be careful, because the planet is spinning the entire time!   iPhone   

GoNoodle: Fast-paced mini games that will get you jumping, waving, and holding a pose to earn points, dodge obstacles, and have a ton of fun!   iPhone   Android

Henry Danger Crime Warp: Play as Henry Danger and jump, slide, and punch through time!   iPhone

Minion Rush: Minion Rush is a game where you control a Minion from Despicable Me as he runs down an endless path with tons of obstacles to dodge and jump over.   iPhone      Android

Plum's Creaturizer: Create your own creature and photograph it outside in its natural habitat.   iPhone   Android

Subway Surfers: Subway Surfers is a popular action game where you have to dodge and dash past trains while you collect coins along the way.   iPhone    Android