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Attention Residents Looking to Pay 2018 Property Taxes in 2017

A Message from the Chemung County Treasurer Joe Sartori:  

On December 22, 2017, Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order 172, which authorized real property taxpayers in New York State to pre-pay 2018 real property taxes.

The Chemung County Treasurer is issuing this bulletin to provide the real property taxpayers of Chemung County guidance, should they desire to pay 2018 real property taxes during the remaining days of 2017.

The 2018 real property tax warrants have already been issued and the 2018 tax bills printed.  As of Friday, December 22, 2017 most Chemung County municipalities had already picked up their tax bills, and the Treasurer’s Office encourages them to mail out the tax bills immediately.  Any and all tax bills not mailed directly by another municipality (including the City of Elmira) were mailed by the Treasurer’s Office at the earliest opportunity for delivery on December 26, 2017.

Taxpayers wishing to pay their 2018 taxes by the end of 2017 are encouraged to either (1) postmark and mail their payments by December 31, 2017, as directed on the face of the tax bill, or (2) present payment in person to the appropriate municipal collection agent by Friday December 29, 2017. Chemung County has no control over the office hours or collection decisions made by other municipal tax collectors within Chemung County.

The Chemung County Treasurer’s Office is open daily from 8:30am - 4:30pm, but will be closing at 12pm on Friday December 29, 2017, for anyone wishing to make County Tax payments in person to Chemung County.

If you have any legal questions about the new Federal income tax law, or Executive Order 172 (including whether pre-payment of 2018 real property taxes is legally permissible or beneficial to your tax situation), please do not call the Chemung County Treasurer’s Office or your local municipal tax collector.  You are encouraged to consult with your tax professional to seek advice about all personal tax matters.


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