Bid Recordings

2022 Bid Recordings

  1. RFB-2365 Chemung County Sheriff Uniforms & Equipment.mp4
  2. RFB-2372 Administration Building HVAC Improvements SRF No..mp4
  3. RFB-2376 Extra Heavy and Heavy Rip-Rap & RFB-2394 Coarse Aggregates (limestone)-20220315 1800-1.mp4
  4. RFB-2377 Purchase Install & Support Eventide Call System-20220203 1901-1 (1).mp4
  5. RFB-2381 Iron Casting & RFB-2401 Ready Mix Concrete-20220405 1802-1.mp4
  6. RFB-2384 Highway Ditching & RFB-2400 Sidewalks and Curb.mp4
  7. RFB-2386 Traffic Marking Line & RFB-2390 Traffic Marking Symbols-20220329 1800-1.mp4
  8. RFB-2388 Prod. For Extraction of Phosphorous from Wastewater.mp4
  9. RFB-2391 Concrete Box Culverts & RFB-2389 Precast Drainage Units-20220317 1801-1.mp4
  10. RFB-2393 Steel Shapes-.mp4
  11. RFB-2397 Vehicle Upfitting Services-20220414 1800-1.mp4
  12. RFB-2402 Highway Fuel.mp4
  13. RFB-2403 Regional WWTP Site Preparation SRF No. 6421-06-00 Contract 2-20220429 1804-1.mp4
  14. RFB-2404 De-Icing Sand & RFB-2392 Hot Mix Asphalt (FOB)-.mp4
  15. RFB-2405 Concrete Prestressed Beams & RFB-2379 Polypropylene Manhole Risers.mp4
  17. RFB-2417 Heavy Crane and Equipment Services-20220428 1802-1.mp4
  18. RFB-2420 Chemung County Pedestrian Safety Action Plan-20220505 1800-1.mp4
  19. RFB-2425 Two Full Size Silent Message Boards-20220614 1800-1.mp4
  20. RFB-2427 Cold Milling (2022-2023)-20220504 1801-1.mp4
  21. RFB-2427 Cold Milling -RFP-2415 Temporary Emergency Housing Services-20220506 1759-1.mp4
  22. RFB-2428 Renovations to Second Floor of Mohawk Building-20220602 1800-1.mp4
  23. RFB-2429 Replacement Broom Bristles-20220804 1804-1.mp4
  24. RFB-2432 Galvanized Railing-20220607 1800-1.mp4
  25. RFB-2433 Concrete Box Culvert for Watercure Hill Road-20220616 1800-1.mp4
  26. RFB-2433 Concrete Box Culverts for Watercure Hill Road missed bid opening-20220622 1802-1.mp4
  27. RFB-2437 Concrete Culvert for Chambers Road 2022-20220714 1801-1.mp4
  28. RFB-2441 To Provide and Deliver Runway Deicer Fluid and Solid-20220818 1811-1.mp4