Permit Requirements

Insurance Requirements

A certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance must be on file with the Chemung County Sewer Districts. A minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance per occurrence is required. The certificate must state the following verbatim, and name all 3 entities: (all on one certificate please): "The County of Chemung, Chemung County Sewer District Number 1 and Chemung County Elmira Sewer District are named as additional insured under this policy".

Certificate Holder

The certificate holder will be:
Chemung County Sewer Districts
600 Milton Street
Elmira, NY 14904

  • Proof of NYS Workers' Compensation and Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits are required by New York State Law before any municipality can enter into any contract or issue any permit and must be on file with this office.
  • A Certificate of Attestation of Exemption, Form CE-200, from Workers' Compensation and/or Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits coverage must be on file with this office.

ROW / Highway Excavation Permits

If work will be done within the municipal or highway right-of-way, a copy of the Excavation into Municipal Right-of-Way or Highway Use Permit from the appropriate municipality must be submitted with the sewer permit application.

Lateral & Clean-Out Information

When connecting to an existing lateral stub, the contractor must televise to verify lateral pipe condition. Property Line Clean-Outs are required on all lateral lines. A new property line clean-out will be required under sewer lateral repair permits if the repair trench encroaches within 20 feet of the property line closest to the public sewer main. T's for property line clean-outs are unacceptable; must be a Wye or a Sweep directed towards the public sewer main.

Backflow Preventers

Property owners are also reminded that all subsurface drainage fixtures must be protected by a backflow preventer, check valve, or a shut-off valve to prohibit sewerage backup into these fixtures. This is a requirement of the New York State Building Code and of the Chemung County Sewer Districts. The Sewer Districts, or their agents, are not responsible for the backflow of sewerage from the sewers into subsurface drainage fixtures.