Rates & Billing Information

All properties that are connected to the sewer system will receive a sewer usage bill. Typical users receive an annual sewer bill. High volume users (usually large businesses) may receive a quarterly bill.

Annual sewer bills are typically issued in Spring. The bill is for the current calendar year and is based on water data from the previous year, with the exception of private wells and high-volume users.


For 2023, users in the Elmira Sewer District are charged $3.27 per unit of water used (1 unit is equal to 748 gallons of water). There is a minimum charge of $52.32. Please see the Elmira Sewer District Scale of Charges for more details.

For 2023, users in Sewer District Number 1 are charged $219.16 per unit of water used (1 unit is equal to 60,000 gallons of water). There is a minimum charge of $43.83. Please see the Sewer District Number 1 Scale of Charges for more details.

Bill Due Dates

All bills are due 45 days after the issue date. Any bill paid after the due date will be assessed with a 10% penalty. All payments must be for the exact amount due. We do not accept partial payments. We do not accept overpayments. All payments received that are not for the exact amount of the bill will be returned to the sender.

All sewer bills must be paid by October 31st of the current year. Any bill not paid by this date will appear on the Property Taxes for the following year with an additional 7% penalty.

Tenants & Sold Properties

All bills are sent to property owners. We cannot send bills to tenants. If the property has been sold please contact us immediately. It is the buyer's responsibility to notify the Sewer District of any ownership changes.

Lowering Your Sewer Bill

See our 10 tips for saving water and money.

Bill Payment Policies

Ways to Pay

The County is undergoing a substantial multi-year construction project to regionalize wastewater treatment at the Milton Street location. To ensure public safety, the Sewer District regrets that in-person payments cannot be accepted at the Administrative Offices on Milton St. until further notice, as we are currently undergoing significant construction. 

 The following methods will be accepted for payment: 

 • Mail: Checks and money orders can be mailed to 600 Milton Street, Elmira, NY 14904 

Online: Credit card payments are accepted at https://Sewer.ChemungCountyNY.gov/ 

Drop Off: Dropbox for check and money order payment at Chemung County Treasurer’s Office, 

                         320 E. Market Street, Elmira, NY 14901.

 Please include the bar-coded payment stub with your payment. Please do not leave cash in the DropBox.

Payment Methods Accepted

Payment can be made by check, money order, or credit card. Checks and money orders should be made payable to CCSD.  There is a 2.25% fee to pay by credit card with a minimum fee of $1.


Online payments can be made with a credit card. Online payments also incur a 2.25% fee to pay by credit card with a minimum fee of $1. The online payment system will not be available between the hours of 11:45 pm and 3 am daily.

The online payment system Municipay recommends against using a slow internet connection or even processing your payment on some mobile devices with a weak signal because of its encryption process. The encryption protects everyone's information from potential identity theft, however, it can cause "time out" issues on mobile connections with a week signal or slower speed internet connections.

Bank Payments

Any payments made through a bank or credit union's Bill Pay service may be delayed several days. This is due to the fact that they are not sent in with the required payment stub and therefore require additional processing time. We receive a check from your Bill Pay service when you pay by this method. Please be sure to have your Bill Pay service include your sewer usage account number and the property address on the check if you choose to pay by this method. This will help to reduce delays.