National Flood Insurance Program

The Chemung County Planning Department offers both technical and informational assistance to municipalities and their residents who qualify for flood insurance premium reductions. Municipalities must recertify each year with the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System so that property owners who purchase flood insurance continue to enjoy discounted flood insurance premiums.

Benefits of Meeting NFIP Standards

Property owners are eligible for premium reductions if certain National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) standards are met by the participating localities. By publicizing the service available, the Planning Department is helping the municipalities gain points under the NFIP community rating system. Currently, nine municipalities in Chemung County are working toward retaining reductions for their property owners. They are: 

  • City of Elmira 
  • Town of Ashland
  • Town of  Big Flats
  • Town of  Chemung
  • Town of Elmira
  • Town of Horseheads
  • Town of Southport
  • Village of Horseheads
  • Village of  Wellsburg

Obtaining Information

Under the NFIP, the Planning Department has flood hazard zone information readily available for property owners, developers, banks and real estate professionals. A fee applies for individual flood status determinations. The material can be obtained by calling 607-737-5510 or visiting the Planning Department offices at:
400 E Church Street
Elmira, NY 14902

Policy holders with specific questions regarding their flood insurance premium should contact their insurer.

Additionally, residents are reminded that the Steele Memorial Library is the repository of various federal, state and local floodplain management publications and several floodway and flood insurance rate maps and is located at:
101 E Church Street
Elmira, NY 14902