Schedule of Fees

The following recording requirements were effective September 1, 1987:

  • Black ink is preferred for all recorded documents
  • All personal checks must have the name and telephone number of the attorney or title company on the reverse
  • Checks for recording fees must be for the exact amount
  • Record and return information should be on a page that is to be recorded
  • When mailing documents for processing please do not assemble documents with binding or staples that cannot be removed and replaced.

No paper in an action in the Supreme and County Court, other than an order submitted for signature to a Judge out of court, shall be submitted for any purpose in the Supreme or County Court or to a clerk thereof unless there is endorsed on such paper, the Index Number of the action, assigned by the clerk of the court. (8018(c) CPLR.)


All fees as of January 20, 2021, are subject to change.