Enhanced Driver License, Passport Book & Passport

New style plate

The Chemung County License Bureau (DMV) began issuing the Enhanced Driver's Licenses (EDL) in September of 2008. The EDL is offered as an option to New York State (NYS) residents who are U.S. citizens but is not required. Current NYS driver licenses and non-driver ID cards will remain available. The License Bureau is located in the County Human Resources Building located at:
425 Pennsylvania Avenue
Elmira, NY 14902

In addition to functioning as a driver license, the EDL can be used instead of a passport when traveling by land or sea between Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The EDL will comply with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) which regulates which documents U.S. citizens can use when they travel in the Western Hemisphere. An EDL will not be acceptable as identification to travel by air to other countries, but can be used as identification for domestic air travel. A regular driver license or non-driver ID are also acceptable identification for domestic air travel.

Passport Services

The County Clerk's office offers passport services daily from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the County Clerk's office located at:
210 Lake Street
Elmira, NY 14902