There are two basic programs within the highway department - the summer program and the winter program.


  • Road maintenance necessary to maintain the serviceability of our highways
    • Highway construction, rehabilitation, pavement overlays and pavement maintenance
    • Maintenance of highway drainage systems, including roadway swales and driveway culverts
  • Vegetation Management to facilitate pavement drainage and visibility
  • Bridge and Culvert maintenance necessary to maintain the serviceability of bridges.
  • Bridge and culvert construction, rehabilitation and replacement 
  • Bridge and culvert maintenance and repairs


The winter program consists of the necessary activities to provide safe and reasonable accommodations for the traveling public during the winter months.

The winter months are used to:

  • Maintain our equipment and shop facilities
  • Fabricate bridge and highway components for summer installation
  • Clearing highway right-of-ways
  • Bridge and culvert repairs


In combination with Cornell Cooperative Extension we provide an Adopt-a-Highway program for litter pick-up along the county highway system. In combination with other municipal agencies in Chemung County, the Department shares resources and equipment for the overall improvement of our County Community.