The Spot

The Spot is a drop-in program. As such, teen participants of this program will be permitted to come and go from the program and events as they wish. This program typically operates once a week during the school calendar year, either Friday or Saturday night.

Safety ClauseThe Spot Logo

Any participant who arrives at any and all activities associated with any Spot event certifies that he or she has no medical or physical conditions which would restrict their participation; and hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the Chemung County Youth Bureau organizers, supervisors, participants and person's transporting youth participants. Any medical expenses resulting from injury during any Spot event are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian of the participant. In the event that Spot staff is unable to promptly locate either a parent or person designated to be notified in case of a medical emergency, medical personnel may take such emergency measures as they deem appropriate and shall notify the parent or legal guardian as soon as possible. The Spot Program is not responsible for personal items of value brought to the program.