Youth Bureau Overview

Mission StatementChemung County Youth Bureau

To provide advocacy and support toward youth service goals and positive recreational development for the children and families of Chemung County.


The Chemung County Youth Bureau was created in 1977. Its main purpose is to research the needs of the county's youth and to plan, coordinate, foster, and supplement the activities of public, private, and faith-based agencies devoted to the welfare and protection of youth. In the fall of 1993, the Chemung County Youth Bureau was merged with the County Recreation Department in an effort to streamline prevention and developmental services to youth and provide a more efficient mechanism of service delivery to youth and families in Chemung County. Today, the Youth Bureau administers over one million dollars from Chemung County and the NYS Office of Children and Family Services to provide preventive and recreational services to the children and families of Chemung County.

Departmental Programs

  • Summer: A drop-in recreational program, free of charge to any Chemung County teen 12 to 15 years of age. The program operates for six weeks, Monday through Friday during the summer in designated parks. The program provides well-structured, fun, and enriching activities at the park such as, but not limited to: arts and crafts, board games, basketball, baseball, and kickball. Off-site activities include field trips to Spot N' Bowl, Spot N' Putt, and Spot N' Splashes; Movie Theater Take Over, and a day at Darien Lake Amusement Park. Transportation is provided to all off-site activities. To view up-to-date program information view the Spot page.
  • Summer Employment Opportunities - The Summer Cohesion and Spot Programs employ and provide extensive recreation training to over 200 young adults each summer. Working for Summer Cohesion and Spot Programs provides valuable experience in the fields of recreation, education, and human services. Apply using the Youth Bureau, Employment Application.