Executive's Advisory Commission on Natural Energy


The Advisory Commission is comprised of representatives from the following organizations:

  • Chemung County Soil and Water Conservation District - Mark Watts - Co-Chair
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chemung County (CCE) - Andy Fagan - Co-Chair
  • Chemung County Law Enforcement - Thomas Argetsinger/Douglas Houper
  • Chemung County Highway Department - Andy Avery
  • Water Quality Committee - Jimmie Joe Carl
  • Chemung County Chamber of Commerce - Kevin Keeley
  • Chemung County Health Department - Thomas Kump
  • Chemung County Executive's Office - Karen Miner
  • Chemung County Planning - Randy Olthoff
  • Chemung County Legislature - John Pastrick
  • Rural Association of Mayors and Supervisors (RAMS) - George Richter
  • Business Representative - David Shafer
  • Chemung County Emergency Management - Michael Smith
  • Chemung County Farm Bureau - Ashur Terwilliger
  • Staff - Jennifer Trimber
  • Environmental Management Council (EMC) - Lee Hanle Younge
  • At Large Member(s)- 3
    • William Benedict
    • Roger Burlew, President of the Chemung County Highway
      Superintendent's Association, Town of Erin Highway Department
    • Donald Kraft, Sheet Metal Worker's Union Local 112


The Chemung County Executive's Office acknowledges that the impacts and opportunities related to energy issues, such as natural gas and wind power development, need a more focused and coordinated approach in order to ensure our community's interests are considered by the various stakeholders involved.

Recognizing the potential of significant production of energy in Chemung County from natural gas, wind, and other sources; County Executive Tom Santulli has formed the Chemung County Executive's Advisory Commission on Natural Energy Solutions to better coordinate and streamline information in relation to the wide array of public sector impacts and opportunities, including those in; business, education, environment, planning, public safety, infrastructure, and workforce development, in order to minimize negative impacts, while maximizing benefits for the general public.