NOTE:  Effective 9/1/17, EHS has begun accepting most major credit cards for the below EHS fees.  The minimum convenience charge is $1 per transaction, up to 2.25% of the total transaction amount.  The convenience fee will be in addition to the fees listed on the below schedule.

 * Restaurant, Bar, Tavern, etc. (Low Risk)/Minor Catering $135
 * Restaurant, Bar, Tavern, etc. (Medium Risk) $189
 * Restaurant, Bar, Tavern, etc. (High Risk)/Major Catering $219
    Seasonal (6 month maximum), Mobile Unit, or Temporary Civic $117
    Temporary Food Service (1-Day) $20
    Temporary Food Service (2-3 Days) $30
    Temporary Food Service (4-14 Days) $50
 **Vending Machines  (base $60/$70 + $12/site)

$200 max.

 * Additional Charge for Secondary Food Operation $117
    Food Service Site Evaluation Fee $45
 New/Replacement Individual Sewage Treatment System $245
 New/Replacement Septic Tank Only $125
 Permit Renewal - Permit Transfer $25
 Site Evaluation - New STS's $145
 Contractor Registration Fee $65
 Hotels, Motels, Mobile Home Parks $135 base +
$5 per unit
 Campgrounds (5-10 sites) [Exempt if less than 5 sites] $110
 Campgrounds (11-20 sites) $145
 Campgrounds (21+ sites) $220
 Children's Camps $200
 SWIMMING POOLS - BATHING BEACHES$135 for 1 pool on site
$173 for over 1 pool/spa
 STS's (other than single family dwellings) - TR's - Pools $290
 Food Service Establishments $75
 Realty Subdivisions$25 per lot
 Mass Gatherings $500
 Tanning Facilities (biennial base fee & inspection fee)$120 base fee + $100/unit
 Day Care Center Inspections $70
 Rabies Certificate Replacement $10
 Rabies Specimen Prep & Shipment (not incl. euthanization) $75
 Filter Sand Analysis $50
 Fee for Copies (per page) $0.25
 Late Fee (see below) $25
 Duplicate Permit Fee / Change of Name $10
 Lead Clearance Inspection (Full/Partial) [Risk Assessment=$200)

Full- $250  / partial-$200

 PRO-RATED FEES (Download Fee Schedule below to see which facilities this applies to.) 
 LATE FEE - This is applied to fees received after the due date.  Base on permit fee amount.
 FEE EXEMPTIONS - This is only considered if no fee is charged by a facility for the service provided and the economic status is not enhanced by the operation. 
 FEE REFUNDS - There will be no refunds of any fees received for any of the above services. 


To download a copy of the new 1/1/2023 fee's refer to the Fee Schedule