Genealogy Requests

Information from records of birth or death may be provided for genealogical research purposes subject to the provisions of Section 35.5 of the Health Commissioner’s Rules and Regulations.

Please note that this office has records of births and deaths that occurred in Chemung County only. Please refer to the list following Ordering instructions. The availability of records can be determined only when an order is placed. Fees apply to all inquiries and will result in either a copy of the record as filed, a transcript of the information as filed or a No Record Found notification.

Birth or death records can be issued for genealogy purposes:

  • If the birth occurred more than 75 years ago and the person listed is known to be deceased. For birth records less than 100 years old, the applicant must provide the person’s name at death if different than listed on the birth record and their date and place of death.
  • If the death occurred more than 50 years ago

Specified time periods can be waived for direct-line descendants who can provide:

  1. Proof of relationship to the person listed on the record
  2. ID or notarized signature

                and if applicable,

  1. Proof of the death of the person whose birth record is requested

We cannot guarantee availability of records, completeness, or accuracy of the information on file. Fees are not refundable.


Orders may be placed on a walk-in basis, via mail or fax. Please note that same day or expedited processing is not available for genealogy requests. Routinely, orders are processed and shipped within 5-10 business days by USPS first class (regular) mail unless arrangements are made for pick-up.

To request a genealogy record by mail or fax:

- Print and complete the application for a genealogy record of birth or death.
- Compose a written request containing the following information:

1.     Full name as it appears on the record

2.     Date or approximate date of birth or death

3.     Full maiden name of the mother and name of father listed, if known

4.     Other identifying information such as age, address or other possible spelling  

5.     Mailing address

6.     Phone Number

- Include:
·       Payment or payment information. Signature and ID are required if paying with credit/debit.

·       Proof of lineage and qualifying ID, for direct line descendants wishing to waive time period restrictions.

·       For all birth records less than 100 years old, the applicant must prove that the person listed on the record is deceased. Provide the date and place of death, and the person’s name at time of death if different than listed on the birth record.

Please use one ordering method, sending multiple requests may result in multiple charges.

Mail requests to:                                                                   

Chemung County Vital Records  
P.O. Box 588
Elmira, NY  14902-0588                

International orders please include a self-addressed, postage paid envelope.

Fax 607-737-0437, please allow for transmittal time before calling. You must call this office to verify that your fax was received, is complete and legible, and to provide your credit/debit account information if not included on your application. Call 607-737-2018 between 9am and 11:30am or 1pm and 4pm (Easter Standard Time, Mon. thru Fri.)

Related Forms:
Genealogy Record Application 
When applicant is paying with someone else's credit/debit card, cardholder must complete a
Consent to Charge Credit / Debit Account  


Please note that the dates indicated reflect the earliest records on file in this office.  Records may not be inclusive as some events were never registered.

Birth records beginning:

City of Elmira              Feb. 25, 1875

Ashland                       Jan. 10, 1914

Baldwin                       Apr. 4, 1876

Big Flats                       Mar. 31, 1882

Catlin                           Oct. 5, 1876

T. Chemung                Feb. 24, 1882 

T. Elmira                      Aug. 21, 1883

Elmira Heights            Mar. 15, 1894

Erin                              @ 1882

T. Horseheads            Sept. 6, 1879

V. Horseheads            Mar. 9, 1894

V. Millport                   Aug. 23, 1926

Southport                    Mar. 15, 1847

T. Van Etten                Jan. 31, 1885

V. Van Etten                Mar. 4, 1890

Wellsburg                    Sept. 5, 1889

Veteran                        May 31, 1882


Death records beginning:

City of Elmira              Oct. 4, 1881

Ashland/Wellsburg    Oct.21, 1906

Baldwin                        Aug.11, 1892

Big Flats                       Feb. 8, 1882

Catlin                           Dec. 31, 1887

T. Chemung                Dec. 12, 1883

T. Elmira                      Apr. 25, 1884

Elmira Heights            Jul. 8, 1889

Erin                               Feb. 18, 1883

T. Horseheads             Sept. 12, 1882

V. Horseheads            Jan. 14, 1894

V. Millport                   Jul. 13, 1926

Southport                    Jan. 14, 1914

T. Van Etten                Mar. 1, 1884

V. Van Etten                Apr. 2, 1890

Veteran                        Jul. 29, 1885