Realty Subdivisions

Realty Subdivisions

Chemung County has established a program to ensure that proper planning is provided at proposed realty subdivisions for water, sewage, and surface drainage, and other related environmental factors, through review and approval/disapproval of realty subdivision plans.

Provided here are various resources that will assist in the development of a realty subdivision.


1.  Review applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the NYSDOH; the NYSDEC; the County Health Department; local building, planning, and zoning requirements; prepare plans in accordance with all the above requirements.

2.  File Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF) and/or other requested forms with the local agency (typically the Town) having the lead role in the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process.

3.  Comply with the requirements of SEQR lead agency during the environmental review process.

4.  Submit subdivision plans with GEN-157, plan review fee, and documentation of SEQR compliance with the County Health Department. (NOTE:  For other than individual on-site sewage treatment systems, plans will need to be submitted to the NYSDEC)

5.  Complete "Applicants Checklist For Proposed Realty Subdivisions" to assure all issues have been addressed.

6.  File copy of approved plans with the County Clerk.


1.  Review the applicant's submission for completeness and correspond with the applicant (or their design professional) regarding inadequate or missing information.

2.  Make a site inspection.

3.  Receive the plan review fee.

4.  Review resubmitted plans, issue approval certificate, and stamp approved plans.


NYSDOH - Realty Subdivisions Frequently Asked Questions

Public Health Law Article 11

Environmental Conservation Law Article 17, Title 15

Wastewater Treatment Standards - Individual Household Systems (Appendix 75-A)

Application For Approval Of Sanitary Facilities For Realty Subdivisions (GEN-157)

Applicants Checklist For Proposed Realty Subdivisions

Drinking Water Supply - Well Construction Standards (Appendix 5-B)

Water Quality Testing Fact Sheet (Individual Wells)

Application For Approval Of Plans For Public Water Supply Improvement (DOH-348)