Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment Program

An INDIVIDUAL SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEM is a single system of piping, tanks, or other facilities serving only a single lot and disposing of sewage or other liquid wastes into the soil of the lot.

The Chemung County Sanitary Code states that individual sewage treatment systems shall be designed, constructed, and maintained in accordance with the standards of the State Commissioner of Health as set forth in 10 NYCRR Part 75 titled Standards for Individual Water Supply and Individual Sewage Treatment Systems, 10 NYCRR Appendix 75-A titled Wastewater Treatment Standards-Individual Household Systems, and the NYSDOH Individual Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems Design Handbook.

No person shall construct a system or facilities for the private treatment of waterborne sewage, domestic, or trade wastes, to serve any building, dwelling, or premises in or from which such wastes may be discharged without first having obtained a "Construction Permit" from the Chemung County Health Department.

Permit application to Construct a Sewage Treatment System


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"Homeowner Registration Exemption Form" -  NO PERSON SHALL UNDERTAKE TO CONSTRUCT, INSTALL, ALTER, EXPAND, REPLACE, REPAIR, OR PROVIDE A SYSTEM OR ANY COMPONENT OF A SYSTEM OR FACILITIES FOR THE PRIVATE TREATMENT OF WASTEWATER WITHOUT FIRST HAVING REGISTERED WITH THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT. There is an "exemption" for a homeowner that wants to construct the wastewater treatment system by themselves.   "Homeowner Registration Exemption Form".

List of Registered Contractors



PERMIT RENEWAL POLICY - An STS permit is valid for one year from the date it is issued.  A permit can be renewed 4 times after the initial issuance of permit.  A renewal application must be made before the expiration of the current permit.  To download a copy of the STS Permit Renewal Application

EFFLUENT FILTERS - Homeowners are urged to have an effluent filter installed in their septic tank.  It is now required for all new septic systems, replacement septic tanks, or existing septic tanks when work is being performed under permit on the septic system.  Effluent filters will protect your absorption area by filtering out solid particles that would plug your absorption system causing failure.  One could look at the installation of an effluent filter as an "insurance policy" for their septic system as long as the filter is properly maintained.  Effluent filters need to be NSF-approved for use in Chemung County.  For a listing of NSF approved effluent filters.

SAND FILTERS  For more information on sand filters and filter sand specifications.

AEROBIC TREATMENT UNITS  For more information on aerobic treatment units.

WINTER CONSTRUCTION POLICY - Winter weather conditions can cause problems when constructing a sewage treatment system.  However, we do recognize that an existing STS may fail during the winter months, leaving a homeowner with no choice but to replace the system.  Therefore, the Chemung County Health Department has made a policy that there be no new winter construction of new STS's.  The complete text of the Winter Construction Policy.

WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD REQUIREMENTS - Before issuing a permit for the construction of an On-Site Wastewater Treatment System, we must receive proof of worker's compensation/disability insurance coverage or a sworn statement declaring that you are exempt.  Effective 12/1/08, the form WC/DB-100 was retired and no longer acceptable. The replacement form is CE-200

For more information on the Workers' Compensation Board requirements.

For instructions on what forms are required to show proof of Workers' Compensation and Disability Insurance coverage.