Aerobic Treatment Units

Aerobic Treatment Units

The Chemung County Health Department does permit the use of aerobic treatment units (ATU's) in Chemung County as long as they comply with the NYSDOH requirements.  Section 75-A.6(6) of the NYS Sanitary Code addresses the requirements that must be met.

Section 75-A.6

A homeowner may choose to install an aerobic unit instead of a septic tank under the following conditions:

(1)  The unit shall have a label indicating compliance with the standards for a Class I unit as described in the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 40 or equivalent

(2)  The minimum rated daily capacity of the unit shall be 400 gallons or the daily design flow, whichever is greater

(3)  They shall have an effluent filtering mechanism as part of the manufactured product or an effluent filter with a label indicating compliance with NSF Standard 46 or equivalent installed on the system outlet prior to discharge to the absorption area

(4)  The absorption system that follows the unit shall be sized in the exact same manner as it would for a septic tank.

(5)  Units which do not include as a standard feature a service contract which provides for, as a minimum, semiannual inspections and annual pumping for three years or more are prohibited.

(6)  The surface discharge of aerobic unit effluent is strictly prohibited.

The link listed above shows what manufacturers and units are NSF approved.  To learn more about becoming an "authorized representative for a particular manufacturer or product, contact the specific manufacturer of the product that you wish to sell, install, or service. Contact information is included on the above link.

In situations where an ATU is being used instead of a Septic Tank and Sand Filter, the ATU shall discharge to a Downstream Mound.  The design specifications for a Downstream Mound can be found HERE.





Beginning July 1, 2006, this Department will be enforcing the requirements relative to "authorized representatives".  An "authorized representative" is defined as "an organization, group, individual, or other entity that is authorized by the manufacturer to distribute, sell, install, or service residential wastewater treatment systems."  Click the link in the box below for a current list of authorized representatives.


 Chemung County List of Aerobic Treatment Unit Authorized Representatives  

This Department will maintain the list of "authorized representatives" on this website.  Any ATU that is sold, installed, or serviced by anyone other than an authorized representative will not be approved by this Department. If you are a contractor and believe that you are an authorized representative but do not see your name on the list, please contact the Chemung County Health Department at (607)-737-2019.