Food Service Establishment Inspection Program

Food Service Establishment Inspection Program

Food Service Establishments are facilities that serve food or beverage to the public.  Establishments are categorized on a "risk basis" based on the food operations that take place at that location.  For example, a bar that only serves beverages would be considered a "low-risk" establishment, a tavern or fast-food establishment that makes and serves food would be a "medium-risk" establishment, and a facility that has much more complex operations in terms of heating/cooking and cooling/re-heating would be considered a "high-risk" establishment.  THE "RISK" CLASSIFICATION FOR AN ESTABLISHMENT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW "SAFE" A FACILITY IS OR HOW MANY VIOLATIONS THEY HAVE HAD DOCUMENTED ON RECENT INSPECTIONS.  (It is merely a classification used in the food inspection industry related to the food items and processes involved.)

Low-Risk establishments are inspected at least every other year.  Medium-Risk establishments are inspected at least annually.  High-Risk establishments will be inspected twice per year.

The only part of a food establishment that is generally visible to the general public is the dining area.  By providing copies of inspection results to the public on this website, we are providing a glimpse of what is being seen by our inspectors behind the kitchen doors.  It is important to keep in mind that inspections are only a "snapshot" in time and are not always reflective of the day-to-day operations and overall condition of the establishment.  However, most regular routine inspections are made without any advance notification to the establishment. 

(One of the two inspections at High Risk establishments are generally "scheduled" to conduct a review of the food-handling process for a particular menu item.  This is called a "HACCP" inspection, which translates to "Hazard Analysis - Critical Control Point".  This inspection is meant to be an opportunity for the establishment to have the health department review the processes in place to make sure that all potential hazards are identified and critical control points in the process are identified to assure the utmost in food safety.)

Inspection results for food service establishments are now available on-line: 

 Food Service Establishment Inspections  

You may also consider visiting the New York State Department of Health's website where you will find food service establishment inspection results for all of New York State.  To go to the NYSDOH site, click HERE.