What positions do not require a test?

There are three types of positions, which have no examination requirements: 

  • Exempt positions for which competitive examinations are not practicable to include deputies to department heads, confidential secretaries, and secretaries to Boards or Commissions. Positions may be classified as exempt due to the confidential nature of the position and only with the approval of the New York State Civil Service Commission.
  • Non-competitive positions have specific education and experience requirements. Candidates’ applications are reviewed and approved for employment consideration if the candidate is found to meet the minimum qualifications required by the job specification. Appointing authorities may choose from among all qualified applicants. This class includes titles such as motor equipment operator, carpenter, and mechanic, for which a written examination is not practical. 
  • Labor positions have no education or experience requirements. Individuals are hired based on their ability to perform the duties of the position.

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