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Biomass Systems

Essentially involves the combustion of organic matter to produce energy either directly as heating for cooking or heating for homes, but can also be used to produce electricity.

-Biomass can be burned to heat water which generates steam, and the steam turns the blades of a turbine thus producing electricity.

-Biomass can be a way to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, and increase our energy independence because it can be used to produce biofuels. This should be understood that this is only effective on the small scale level as the US subsidy program for corn ethanol has been revoked due to the lack of success and the huge land requirement.

-Can be used to support agriculture and the timber industries. This should only be utilized in a sustainable manner and in a way to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and still protect the forests and wooded areas.

- Modern biomass boilers operate at extremely high temperatures and are highly efficient systems to where there is often little visible smoke and few odors.

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