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                                               For Information/Pricing, contact: 

                                          Republic Parking

Cell Phone Vehicle Holding

Greeters picking up passengers are welcome to wait in the employee parking area located on Progressive Drive to the right as you enter from Sing Sing Road. Just pull in and have your passenger alert you when they are ready to be picked up. There's no charge, but you must remain in your car.

Economy Lot
The Economy Lot is located on Progressive Drive, west of the main entrance. The lot is not staffed by an attendant, drivers will only be able to exit the lot by swiping a credit card. The lot is slightly farther away but prices are cheaper than the other Airport lots.

Parking Rates

Short Term                                   Long Term                                  Economy (credit card only)
0 - 15 min                  Free           0 - 15 min                  Free            0 - 15 min                Free
16 min - 1 hr             $1.00         16 - 30 mins              $1.00         16 - 30 mins             $1.00
Each add'l 1/2 hr      $1.00         Each add'l hr            $1.00           Each add'l hr           $1.00
Daily Max                $10.00         Daily Max                 $9.00           Daily Max                $7.50
Weekly Max            $50.00         Weekly Max            $45.00          Weekly Max           $37.50

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