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County Clerk Online Services

Landex Remote: $.15 per minute / $.10 per page loaded

Landex Remote access is most beneficial for individuals or companies who expect to access records on a regular basis or need comprehensive search

Landex Webstore: Per Document Fee 

The Landex Webstore is for infrequent searchers or those performing basic searches. The searching is free, however, there is a fee to view and/or print documents.

For guidance on searching the LANDEX website contact the help line at LANDEX at 800-370-2836.

Available Searches: (Document: Beginning Date)

Federal Tax Liens: All
UCCs: 1996  
Misc. Records: 1992
Judgments: 1992 
Deeds: 2/1970 
Mortgages: 2/1970 
Lis Pendens: 1998 
DBAs: 1996 
Partnerships: 1996
Corporations: 1994
Civil Records: 1994
Delinquent Taxes: 1998
Consolidated Liens: 7/2000
Building Loan Contracts: 9/2000

Maps: Dependent on map type.

NOTE: No sealed records, divorces or psychiatric guardianships. 

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