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County-Wide Shared Services Initiative 2018

Chemung County has been a statewide leader in shared services initiatives for nearly ten years. Unfortunately, many of these shared services arrangements were completed prior to any financial incentives being offered by the State of New York. That being said, all of those initiatives have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to the local taxpayer.

In 2017, New York State passed legislation mandating that counties on an annual basis put together a shared services plan involving all interested municipalities. This legislation states that on August 1 of each year the chief elected official of the County submit to the Legislature proposed shared services agreements. Over the last few months we have been meeting with a number of municipalities in an effort to develop other cost-cutting plans through sharing services.

For the 2018 County-Wide Shared Services Initiative, Chemung County is submitting four shared services proposals, which involve the Chemung County Department of Public Works and various Towns and Villages as well as an outdoor street lighting proposal submitted by the Towns of Big Flats, Elmira, and Horseheads. These proposals for consideration are estimated to save the local taxpayers more than $611,000. - Chris Moss, Chemung County Executive