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What is Community Prosecution?

Community prosecution focuses on targeted areas and involves a long-term, proactive partnership among the prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, the community and public and private organizations, whereby the authority of the prosecutor’s office is used to solve problems, improve public safety and enhance the quality of life in the community.

Community prosecution involves the following components:

A proactive approach;

A clearly defined target area;

Problem solving, public safety and quality of life issues;

The direct interaction between the prosecutor and the community 
and the incorporation of the community’s input into the 

Partnerships among the prosecutor, law enforcement
public and private agencies and the community;

Long-term strategies;

The commitment of policy makers;

Varied enforcement methods; and

Continuous evaluation.

Community prosecution is a grassroots approach to law enforcement. It involves traditional and non-traditional initiatives to work within a targeted community to prevent crime, thus reducing the number of arrests and prosecutions.


Recognizing that prosecution cannot strictly be reactionary to crime, community prosecution also involves crime prevention and community involvement.