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Shared Services - Centralized GIS

Chemung County Information Technology Department

Centralized Graphical Information System (GIS)

In 2015, the County IT Department was tasked with centralizing the many GIS systems throughout the County and thus the Chemung County GIS Consortium (CCGC) was formed. The Chemung County GIS Consortium (CCGC) is a consortium of government agencies within Chemung County brought together in order to centralize geospatial data, provide strategic direction in facilitating or addressing geospatial services and projects, coordinate technical standards, administer fiscal resources and effectively deliver GIS services throughout the County, its municipalities and to the public.

The CCGC undertakes tasks of coordination, communication and facilitation intended to advance the
understanding, growth and effectiveness of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) within Chemung
County. The CCGC encourages the development of standards and the exchange of expertise and
geographic data among its members.

Since forming the CCGC, the County IT Department, in conjunction with CCGC members, has:

  • Installed new high-end servers with sufficient memory and storage to support all municipalities throughout the County.
  • Created a portal for municipalities to share geospatial data.
  • Entered into a 3 year Enterprise Agreement with the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), an international supplier of GIS software.
  • Developed standards for collecting and storing GIS data.
  • Provided an open forum for members to share common issues and concerns as well as exchange
  • Encouraged cooperative partnerships amongst local agencies.
  • Promoted a bottom up approach to data development and maintenance.
  • Assisted in the education of The CCGC members and other interested parties as to the benefits of using credible data and GIS to make informed decisions.
  • Helped further the technical skills of the CCGC members where GIS and data analysis are concerned,
    through workshops and/or lectures.
  • Assisted with formulating and recommending standards for data architecture, quality, accuracy, resolution and maintenance.

Non-County agencies currently benefiting from this service:

  • Town of Big Flats
  • City of Elmira
  • ECTC
  • Elmira Water Board
  • Town of Southport
  • Village of Horseheads
  • Town of Horseheads
  • Chemung County Soil and Water
  • Chemung County Stormwater Coalition

The CCGC meets monthly for discussions, planning, training and goal setting. Although the group is still rather young, the benefits of centralizing this data have been tremendous. Members contribute towards the cost of the ESRI software but having the Enterprise Agreement has helped to keep the cost of the software down for all the members.