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Shared Services - City of Elmira

Chemung County Information Technology Department                                                               

Managed IT Services agreement with the City of Elmira

Chemung County and the City of Elmira entered into an inter-municipal agreement for Shared IT Services in April of 2009. At the time of the agreement, the City had a single staff member handling all IT operations. That person became a County employee shortly after the agreement went into effect. Some of the benefits to the City since entering into the agreement include but are not limited to:

  • Support of the County’s full IT Staff including:
    • Tech Specialists
    • Network Specialists
    • Database Specialists
    • Application Programmers
    • 2 completely redundant IT Centers with generator backup.
    • The County hosts the City’s financial, payroll, application, print, database and numerous other file servers at the 2 IT Centers.
    • Integration into the County’s Active Directory for user and file security.
    • County hosted Microsoft Exchange Email system.
    • Email is archiving using the County’s Email archive solution.
    • County IT manages internet access (security, filter and monitor).
    • Security patches routinely pushed to City servers and endpoint devices using the County’s solution.
    • Anti-Virus for servers and endpoints is managed and updated using County’s anti-virus centralized console solution.
    • Routine backups of all data that is stored offsite.
    • Ability to purchase software licenses at a much reduced cost using Enterprise Agreements the County has with various partners.
    • Use of the County’s infrastructure for:
      • High-speed fiber connectivity to remote City offices.
      • WiMax connected cameras throughout the City.
      • WiMax connected traffic signals.
      • The City’s indoor/outdoor WiFi network is managed through the County’s WiFi controller allowing for a single wireless network for the County and City.
    • County IT provides assistance with planning and budgeting of all IT related projects.
    • Troubleshooting of issues with hardware and software as well as remediation of viruses and malware.
    • The County has developed a computer replacement plan and replaces equipment based on that plan.


The City has benefited greatly in the cost of personnel and software licensing as well as having access to many applications and services they probably would not have if it were not for the Shared IT Services Agreement.