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Below are full packets of all plans for Chemung County Active/Retired Employees. 

The plans are lettered so you may more easily determine which plans pertain to you.

Blank pages are inserted for double-sided printing.

  • 2021 Chemung County Active Employees Plan Information Packet                                                                                                  (see page 2 to determine which plans pertain to you)
  • 2021 Forms Packet for Chemung County Active Employees
  • 2021 Chemung County Retirees and Survivors Plan Information Packet                                                                                 (plans for each person enrolled is based on Medicare eligibility as labeled in the packet)

You may also access this information by going to Insurance Plans or Insurance Forms Document Center using the plan lettering on the summaries.

2021 Chemung County New Hires (subject to change per union contract):
CSEA - B, D, F
Corrections - B, D, G
Deputy Sheriff Association - B, D, G
Deputy Sheriff Civilian/EMO - A, D, E
Probation - A, D, E
Sewer District Union - A, D, F
Single Rate - J, D, G

New Hire Forms Packet is provided by your department but can also be found here..
Direct links to these plans are under Insurance Plans.
Direct links to the mandatory notices for the Policy Acknowledgement are listed in orange.

Are you looking for Chemung County Employee Insurance Declination/Buyout Form or Chemung County Employee Change Coverage Form? Those forms are only posted on the County Intranet site under Insurance.