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There are two basic programs within the highway department - the summer program and the winter program.

• Road maintenance necessary to maintain the serviceability of our 
     o Highway construction, rehabilitation, pavement overlays and 
        pavement maintenance
     o Maintenance of highway drainage systems, including roadway swales 
        and driveway culverts
• Vegetation Management to facilitate pavement drainage and visibility
     o Clearing the highway right-of-ways of trees and brush, mowing road 
     o Spray Herbicide Program to clear vegetation away from guide rail and 
        signs. Click here for more information regarding the herbicide 
     o Click here for a map of areas where we expect to annually apply 
        herbicide along guiderails 
     o Click here for a copy of Chemung County “Annual No Spray 
     o Click here for information on erecting a "No Spray" sign
• Bridge and Culvert maintenance necessary to maintain the serviceability 
     of bridges.
     o Bridge and culvert construction, rehabilitation and replacement 
     o Bridge and culvert maintenance and repairs

• The winter program consists of the necessary activities to provide safe 
     and reasonable accommodations for the traveling public during the 
     winter months. 
• The winter months are used to:
     o Maintain our equipment and shop facilities 
     o Fabricate bridge and highway components for summer installation
     o Clearing highway right-of-ways
     o Bridge and culvert repairs

• In combination with Cornell Cooperative Extension we provide an Adopt-
     a–Highway program for litter pick-up along the county highway system.
• In combination with other municipal agencies in Chemung County, the 
     Department shares resources and equipment for the overall 
     improvement of our County “Community”