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Administrative Services

Director of Administrative Services - Christine O’Herron

The Administrative Services Division of the Department of Human Services includes the Accounting, Child Support, Resource Recovery, and the Special Investigations Units. 
The Accounting Unit is responsible for all budgets, accounts, revenues, expenditures, claims, processes and systems necessary for all fiscal operations of the Department of Human Services, which includes Social Services and Mental Hygiene. The Accounting Unit can be reached at 607-737-8497.   
The Child Support Unit is responsible for the establishment of paternity and establishment and enforcement of child support orders, as well as the maintenance of child support accounts and collections. All of the functions necessary to establish, enforce, and collect on approximately 8,300 child support cases are carried out by the staff in the Child Support Unit. For information go to New York State Child Support Online.  The Customer Service Helpline is 888-208-4485
The Resource Recovery Unit is responsible for the pursuit and collection of monies owed to the Department of Social Services for estate recovery, liens, mortgages, overpayments of assistance due to fraud, household error, agency error, etc., as well as the maintenance of the system(s) that track these collections; recovery of Interim Assistance from Social Security; the entry of Third Party Health Insurance for Medicaid; and the reimbursement of Health Insurance Premiums for qualified households. The Resource Recovery Unit can be reached at 607-737-5432.

The Special Investigations Unit is responsible for receiving referrals or complaints of welfare fraud in Chemung County. Every allegation that is referred is investigated for welfare fraud. Acts of welfare fraud include deliberately providing a false statement, submitting a document that contains false information, or the intentional concealment of information such as wages, resources, household composition, etc., that may result in an overpayment of social service program benefits. These benefits include Temporary Assistance, Food Stamps, HEAP, Medical Assistance and Day Care. Penalties for welfare fraud may include community service, restitution, probation, and disqualification from public assistance programs. In some instances, a welfare fraud conviction may even result in imprisonment. If you suspect someone is committing welfare fraud, we encourage you to report it to us today.
The hotline number is 607-737-5352.
Click here to report fraud anonymously.