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Child Support Unit

The Child Support Unit is responsible for the establishment of paternity and the establishment and enforcement of child support orders.  The Child Support Unit is also responsible for maintaining child support accounts and collections on the approximately 7,000 child support cases in Chemung County.

If you have questions about the New York State Child Support Program, you can go to New York State Child Support Online or you can call the Customer Service Helpline at 888-208-4485, Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm, except on State holidays. There is also TTY at 1-866-875-9975 and VRS:
Employers and income providers are encouraged to call the Customer Service Helpline or visit the website for information and answers to questions they may have regarding documents they have received.

If you contact the Customer Service Helpline and they determine that the Local District Office needs to take action, they will either send a referral through the New York State Child Support system, or they may advise you to contact your local office.

Chemung County Child Support Staff are available by either scheduled appointment or by walk-in appointment from 9AM-4PM Monday through Friday.  The office is closed for lunch from 12PM-1PM each day.

Below are additional ways to contact Chemung County Child Support:

• Correspondence can be sent to:
Chemung County SCU
PO Box 588  
Elmira, NY 14902-0588.

 • Our FAX number is: (607) 737-5586.

• A “Request for Information” form can be completed in Reception at the Department of Social Services at 425 Pennsylvania Ave., Elmira, NY 14904. This form will be delivered to the Child Support Unit the following business day.

• An email can be sent through the website, New York State Child Support Online:      
* To access the website email, go to Local Offices tab, Select a County (Chemung), Click on the Email address link. Compose an email and send. Please be sure to provide your current mailing address and phone number.


Child Support payments that are in check or money order form, must be made payable and mailed to:

NYS Child Support Processing Center
PO Box 15363
Albany, NY 12212-5363.

Be sure to include your name, your account number (New York Case Identifier) and the county name on all payments.

Cash payments are accepted at the local office, 425 Pennsylvania Avenue, Elmira, NY 14904.  In order to make a payment, you must have proper identification and your account number (New York Case Identifier).  Checks and money orders are also accepted at the local office.  They must be made payable to NYS Child Support Processing Center.  Be sure to include your name, your account number (New York Case Identifier) and the county name on all payments.

Visit New York State Child Support Online for other payment options.


If your Chemung County Family Court Order needs to be changed, you may need to file a modification petition with Chemung County Family Court which is located at 203-209 William Street, Elmira, NY 14901.

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