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Foster Parent Recruitment, Certification and Training

Do You Have Room in Your Heart and Your Home?
Share Your Love with a Child in Your Community Who Needs a Family.

Complete this form to receive additional information about becoming a Foster/Adoptive Family

What is Foster Care?
- Foster Care is temporary care for children who are unable to live with their birth families.

Who are the children in Care?
- Children in foster care represent all ethnic groups and may be infants through teenagers.
- Some children may have handicapping conditions, behavioral challenges, and need special care.
- When brothers and sisters come into care, we want to place them together.  Teenage mothers also need homes for themselves and their children.
- Children in foster care, like all children, need love, affection, and guidance.

Who is a foster parent?
- A foster parent in someone who can provide temporary care and love for children who are unable to live with their birth families.  A foster parent should be someone who.....

     * wants to make a difference in a child's life
     * is flexible and capable of handling stressful situations
     * can be a working or stay-at-home parent
     * can work as a member of a team with families, social workers and other professionals
     * can help prepare a child for return to their birth family or to be adopted
     * may become an adoptive parent

Who can become a foster parent?  
- You can apply to become a foster parent if you..... 
     * are at least 21 years old
     * are married, single, or living with a partner
     * have sufficient income to meet your own family's needs
     * are in good health
     * can make room in your home and heart for children who need safe, temporary care

How can I become a foster parent?
- Attend an orientation session
- Complete an application
- Provide personal references and current medical reports
- Attend our pre-certification training classes
- Participate in a home study

How will we help you?
- Provide ongoing training
- Provide 24-hour emergency services
- Arrange for special services for the child in care
- Provide financial and medical support to meet the needs of the child
- Foster Parent Support Group

What should I do now?

Call us for more information at 737-5557

Information and Orientation sessions are held every month. Please check the calendar of events for the next scheduled session.