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Early Intervention Services and Pre-K

Coordinator of Special Children Services - Kelly Sidari
Phone: (607) 737-5565

Referral Form for Children At-Risk or Suspected of Development Delay or Disability or with a Confirmed Disability

The Special Children’s Services Unit and Early Intervention (EI) provides evaluations and services to children birth through age five with suspected or confirmed developmental delays.  Early Intervention Program   A statewide program that provides a broad array of services to eligible infants and toddlers with disabilities. (Children ages 0-5)

Service Coordination A trained Early Intervention Service Coordinator will help you learn more about the Early Intervention Program and help you determine your required level of services. (Children ages 0-3)

Comprehensive Evaluation Services The Comprehensive Evaluation Service is to provide confidential, accurate, independent assessments of your child’s development, and to recommend services where indicated. (Children ages 0-3)

Committee on Preschool Special Education Program (CPSE) In conjunction with local school districts an evaluation and services are provided to eligible children with disabilities. (Children ages 3-5).