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Landfill Rules and Instructions

At the Chemung Landfill LLC, we strive to make our operation an efficient one so our customers and their equipment can deliver waste without delay or incident. To help us help you, we provide the following instructions and rules:

  1) Operating Hours
       Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 3:30pm

  2) Banned Waste - Not Accepted at this Facility
     a) Hazardous Waste as defined by Federal, State and Local Regulations.
     b) Biomedical Waste
     c) Radioactive Waste
     d) Regulated PCB Waste
     e) Liquid Waste defined as waste containing less than 20% solids or waste not passing the paint filter test.
     f) Landscape and Yard waste, will be accepted through December 2005.
     g) Whole tires – tires can be accepted if, cut to remove both sidewalls, cut in half circumferentially or chipped.
     h) Industrial waste which has not been pre-approved
     i) Lead acid batteries
     j) White goods (anything containing Freon)
     k) Large animal carcasses

  3) Waste that Must be Pre-approved Prior to Delivery
     a) Industrial Waste
     b) Asbestos Waste
     c) Contaminated Soil
     d) Off-spec Products
     e) Ash – MSW or otherwise

  4) Scale House Procedures
     a) All loads are subject to inspection!
     b) Drivers should be ready to explain to the scale person, what kind of waste they are hauling and where it came from.
     c) Drivers should have and provide to the scale person all required paperwork, approvals or manifest associated with the load
     d) Drivers should have CB radios and on channel 3 as they approach the facility.
     e) DO NOT USE JAKE BRAKES while on site.
     f) You will need pre-approval for credit. Check and cash can be accepted at the scales.

  5) On-Site Rules
     a) All drivers/helpers must put Safety first while at the site.
     b) All safety rules must be strictly followed.
     c) NO SMOKING
     d) At a minimum, anyone outside of a vehicle must wear a hard hat and have appropriate foot wear.
     e) All loads entering the site must be tarped. Untarping should only occur in designated areas.
     f) Stuck or disabled vehicles will be pulled to an appropriate location. Drivers must hook the chain or cable to their vehicle. Chemung Landfill will not be responsible for damage as a result.
     g) No guns, weapons, drugs, alcohol or unprofessional behavior will be tolerated on site.
     h) In case of emergency, drivers and customers should first remove themselves from danger. Then report/contact site personnel for further instructions.

We hope these rule will aid both the customer and landfill staff be as safe and efficient as can be.

Click here to download a printable version of these rules.

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