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Lime operates a dockless bikeshare system in the City of Elmira. Below are instructions for using the Lime app to access any of the 120 traditional and pedal-assist bicycles located throughout the city.

The bikes can be borrowed 24/7 by downloading the free Lime app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). Pedal bikes cost $1 per ride of up to 30 minutes, while Lime-E bikes (electric-assist) bikes cost $1 to unlock and 0.15 per minute thereafter. You first ride of up to 30 minutes is free!

Users who sign up with a .edu e-mail address ride for half the regular rate. For residents without smartphones, bank cards or who live in a low-income household, the Lime Access program provides access to bike share at a 95% discount on pedal bikes and a 50% discount on Lime-E. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Lime Access enrollment instructions.


  1. Download the Lime app on your smartphone
  2. Open the app and register using your phone number or Facebook profile
  3. Allow Location Services and, later on, Camera Access so you can find and scan the bikes
  4. Add a payment method, such as a credit or debit card
    • You won't be charged for the first ride of up to 30 minutes
    • If you can only pay by cash, call ECTC at 607-737-5510 to ask about Lime Access.


  1. Unlock a bike by hitting the big "Ride" button on the app and scanning the QR code behind the LimeBike you want
  2. Ride wherever you need to go: $1/ride of up to 30 mins
    • You are encouraged to take one-way rides, no need to "bring back" the bike
    • If you exceed 30 minutes, you will be charged $1 for every 30-min increment regardless of the number of promotional or free rides you may have
  3. Park the bike and lock it by sliding the wheel lock downwards
  • Don't forget to lock the bike to end your trip!
  • Park next to public bike racks, on the furniture zone of sidewalks (where parking meters or signage would be), or on tree lawns within the City of Elmira
  • Park only next to public bike racks on school or university campuses.

Lime Access: How to Enroll
1. Email with the following information. (Please note: by emailing the Access team, users affirm that they have read and agree to Lime's User Agreement and Privacy Policy). A Lime representative will respond within 2 business days with next steps and information.
- Full name
- Phone number (this is the number you plan to use for Limebike).
- Valid government-issued photo ID, such as a drivers license.
- Proof of low-income status, such as an EBT card, discounted utility bill, or any other state- or federally-run assistance program documentation.

2. Lime Access will email you back with proof of enrollment.

3. Go to and enter your phone number to create your PayNearMe order. Print out the Paycode on the confirmation order.

4. Take the PayNearMe payment code to a participating payment location. Currently, the 7-11 on Davis Street and Washington Ave is the only PayNearMe location in Elmira.

5. Show the payment code to the clerk and pay with cash. Keep your receipt as proof of payment. If you have any issues, call ECTC at 607-737-5510.

(Thank you to Lime and Bike Walk Tompkins for the information.)