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Long Range Plan

ECTC 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

The Federal Government requires ECTC to update its 20-year long range transportation plan (LRTP) every five years. The LRTP must provide an assessment of existing conditions, an overview of goals and objectives, and a list of projects that the MPO will implement over the next five years. The ECTC completed an update, known as the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), in December of 2019.

How Does the Transportation Plan Impact Me?

As residents or businesses in the region, we all use the transportation facilities and services. In recent years, the ECTC members successfully implemented numerous projects that fulfill the goals of ECTC Long Range Plans. Examples of projects are:

     • Conversion of NYS Route 17 to Interstate 86 Designation
     • Church Street Reconstruction
     • 17 New Buses (with bike racks) purchased for C TRAN Transit System
     • Lackawanna Rail Trail construction 
     • 511 Southern Tier Rideshare  (online carpool matching) 

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