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The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Federal transportation law (SAFTEA-LU) requires that a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), consistent with the ECTC Long Range Plan, be developed. It must contain the capital and non-capital transportation projects proposed for funding under Title 23 (highways) and Title 49 (transit) of the U.S. code as well as all regionally significant transportation projects requiring an action by the Federal Highway Administration or the Federal Transit Administration.

The TIP represents the best choices for the use of Federal transportation funds in the Elmira urbanized area. It consists of a listing of projects being considered for implementation in the County for a five-year period in each of several Federal-Aid funding categories. Projects that are proposed for inclusion in the TIP are evaluated and implementation priorities are developed based on project needs, local priorities, funding availability, and project readiness for implementation. TIP 2017-2021. 

View a listing of the projects obligated in the past Federal Fiscal Year (April 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018): Current ECTC TIP Obligations.

Individuals interested in additions, amendments and changes to the TIP should refer to the tables listed below.

ECTC TIP Proposed Resolution 19-P3
ECTC TIP Proposed Resolution 19-P2
ECTC TIP Proposed Resolution 19-P1
ECTC TIP Proposed Resolution 19-T5
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P28
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P27
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P26
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P25
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P24
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P23
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P22
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P21
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P20
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P19
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P18
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P17
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P15
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P16
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P14
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P13
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P12
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P11
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P10
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P9
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P8
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P7
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P6
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P5
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P4
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P3
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P2
ECTC TIP Amendment 18-P1
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P12
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P11
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P10
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P9
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P8
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P7
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P6
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P5
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P4
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P3
ECTC TIP Amendment 17-P2
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P17
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P16
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P15
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P14
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P12
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P11
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P10 
ECTC TIP Amendment 16 P-13
ECTC TIP Amendment 16 P-9
ECTC TIP Amendment 16 P-8
ECTC TIP Amendment 16 P-7
ECTC TIP Amendment 16 P-6
ECTC TIP Amendment 16 P-5
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P3
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P2
ECTC TIP Amendment 16-P1
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P11
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P10
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P9
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P8
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P7
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P6
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P5 
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P4
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P3
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P2 
ECTC TIP Amendment 15-P1   


Project Screening Process

Projects included in the 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program are in large part as a result of activities prescribed by the Unified Planning Work Program and the long and short range planning process. Funding for the five-year period is based on the most recent estimates for transportation funds as provided by NYSDOT. Progress on projects contained in the previous TIP is reviewed, and the results of ongoing planning activities are considered. Eligible projects are determined in accordance with available funds, the needs of the Metropolitan Area and conformance with the goals and objectives as identified through the long and short range planning processes. Decision making and prioritization of projects is done through the existing structure of the 3-C (Continuing, Comprehensive, and Cooperative) Process with recommendations made by the Planning Committee and final decision made by the Policy Committee.

Capital Improvement projects for the Elmira-Corning Regional Airport are identified and supported in the Airport Master Plan. The Planning document provides guidance for future Capital Airport projects. These projects are included in the TIP and indicate the connectivity of the multi-modal transportation system.

TIP Project Solicitation and Ranking Process

In addition to projects solicited from the NYSDOT, ECTC solicited Federally-eligible transportation projects from the public, via the ECTC web site, and all the local officials and transportation agencies in the MPO Panning Area. The ECTC used the eight goals from the Long-Range Transportation Plan to evaluate projects that were considered for selection for the 2017-2021 TIP.

Project Selection Progress

The following describes the "Project Selection" Process that is followed by the ECTC:

1. Projects identified in the first year of the TIP/STIP have first right to the funds available. To the extent that all the projects are ready to be authorized and the actual costs match the programmed costs, no project selection is required.

2. If the value of a project or projects in the first year of the TIP/STIP increase from the programmed cost when it is ready for authorization, it will be necessary to maintain the fiscal integrity of the fund category in that Federal fiscal year in order to obtain Federal authorization. Generally, this will require that savings in other first year projects be identified. If that cannot be demonstrated, other first year projects would need to be deferred to later years. If they are deferred to later years, it is important to remember that fiscal balance in years 2 through 5 of the TIP/STIP must also be maintained. This may necessitate deletion of scheduled projects in future years.

3. In rare instances, it is necessary to revise the fund category in order to ensure timely authorization of an approved project. This action is permitted under project selection if the fiscal integrity of each affected fund category is maintained.

4. The most likely situation that would require Project Selection occurs as a result of savings incurred as a project is authorized (or bid) or when the schedule of a project slips causing the authorization to be deferred to a subsequent FFY. In these instances, it will be necessary to select a project from a subsequent year of the TIP/STIP for authorization if we are to avoid lapsing funds in the current FFY.

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