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Treasurer's Office

Treasurer's Office

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County Treasurer 

Jennifer Furman
Phone: (607) 737-2996

320 East Market Street 
PO Box 588
Elmira, NY  14902-0588

Phone:  607) 737-2957
Fax:  (607) 737-2846
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM

The County Treasurer is an office provided for in Section 400 of the County Law and is elected for a four year term as Chief Fiscal Officer of the county. The County Treasureris the custodian of all money belonging to the County and is responsible for collecting, disbursing and investing such funds and for keeping a proper and accurate record of funds received and expended.

The County Treasurer has numerous other duties provided for in State Law including collection of delinquent property taxes, the handling of court and trust funds, acting as a trustee for certain parties and also as the public administrator of estates.  Residency certificates for students attending community colleges in New York State are issued by the County Treasurer and there are many other miscellaneous fiscal responsibilities.

The County Treasurer is also responsible for the collection and enforcement with regard to the Hotel and Motel Occupancy Tax imposed in Chemung County as well as the receipt and distribution of Sales Tax among the County, City, Town and Villages.  The Treasurer processes payroll for all County departments and audits all county invoices and processes them for payment.

Chemung County law requires every operator of a hotel, motel, or other property that is regularly used and kept open for the lodging of guests to register their boarding property with the Chemung County Treasurer. To be in compliance with the law, an operator must register to collect, report, and remit occupancy tax. The occupancy tax rate in Chemung County is 4% on taxable room rentals.

To register, please complete a Certificate of Registration form (below) and mail to:

Chemung County Treasurer
PO Box 588
Elmira, NY 14901

A Certificate of Authority to collect occupancy tax will then be issued, along with additional instructions on how to collect, report, and remit occupancy tax to the Chemung County Treasurer.


Certificate of Registration  – If you are an operator and not yet registered to collect occupancy tax, a Certificate of Registration is required to be filled out and sent to Chemung County Treasurer. 

Occupancy Tax Return  – Required to be filed quarterly with occupancy tax to the Chemung County Treasurer.


For Occupancy Tax questions, please call the Treasurer’s Office at 607-737-2957.