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Summary of Benefits

Service Connected Compensation: 
Monthly payments and free medical care for injuries or diseases that began in service, or were aggravated by service, for which you still have symptoms. If you already have a VA rated condition and it has worsened, it can be re-rated for increased benefits. If you have a disability that occurred in service, but you never filed a claim for it, it may not be too late to claim it now. 

Non-Service Connected Pension:
Monthly payments available to wartime veterans only, who must show that they are permanently too disabled to work and have income below a VA set amount; automatically considered too disabled to work if over 65. 

Surviving Spouse’s Compensation:
Monthly payments to surviving spouses of veterans who died due to a service connected condition, or, were 100% service connected disabled for ten years prior to death. 

Surviving Spouse’s Pension:
Monthly payments available to the surviving spouse or minor dependent children of deceased war-time veterans. Income must be below a VA set limit.

Health Care:
Most veterans are eligible for VA healthcare at the Elmira VA Clinic. Housebound veterans may receive some care at home. Our office helps obtain necessary documentation needed for VA enrollment.

Life Insurance:
It is very important to ensure that the correct beneficiary is noted on your G.I. policy. Check anytime there is a death in the family.

Burial Benefits:
Monetary allowances to help with funeral expenses if the veteran was receiving a monthly benefit from the VA; free headstones; free burial American flag; plots in National Cemeteries for veteran and spouse.

Medals Requests:
Service decorations are available free from each service department. New York State also awards decorations in recognition for significant federal decorations.

Blind Annuity:
New York State offers a monthly payment to war-time veterans living in N.Y. who are now legally blind.

State Veterans Nursing Homes:
New York State has several excellent nursing homes established exclusively for veterans and their spouses.

Veterans Property Tax Exemption:
A reduction in property taxes available to war-time veterans, veterans awarded an Expeditionary Medal, or their surviving spouses. Ownership of the property is not essential, as long as the veteran or spouse resides in or has lifetime use of the home.

Hunting/Fishing License Discounts:
Reduced cost. Must have at least 40% service connected disability.

State & National Park Passes:
Free entry. Must have at least 40% service connected disability.

Civil Service Credit:
5 point credit for wartime service; 10 point credit for 10% service connected disability. Can be used for local, state or federal tests.

Agent Orange Claims:
VA accepts that many conditions are related to Agent Orange exposure, including: Type II diabetes, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, respiratory cancers of the lung, trachea or bronchus, prostate cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, and others. Exposure to Agent Orange is often presumed, but exposure alone, without a medical condition, cannot be claimed.

Persian Gulf Syndrome Claims: 
VA provides a comprehensive examination, and can award monthly compensation for some undiagnosable conditions.