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Contracted Programs

Southside Community Center – After School Programming
A drop-in recreational youth center on Elmira’s southside which provides a safe and supervised environment for 400+ youth annually. The Center serves ages 5-18, averaging 120 children daily. The Center provides appropriate positive youth development after school programming with a focus on decision-making skills, conflict resolution, healthy lifestyles, youth empowerment and community involvement.
Contact Information:
Southside Community Center
215 Partridge Street
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: (607) 734-9245

City of Elmira Police Department - Youth Court Program
The City of Elmira Youth Court, which mirrors the structure and function of the Family Court process, is staffed by volunteers between the ages of 12 and 18. These young people, who come from the student bodies of our local schools, perform the duties of judges, law guardians, fact attorneys and clerks, while conducting court cases where their peers are the defendants. Upon successful completion of a rigorous training course, a bar examination, and an interview process, a select group of individuals is inducted as new court members by the presiding Chemung County Family Court Judge. The City of Elmira Youth Court is a “real” court that derives its jurisdiction from local legal authorities. Offenses tried in Youth Court include misdemeanors, violations, and infractions. Referrals to the court are made by police agencies, schools, and parents. Since many cases involve first time offenders for minor violations, this court frequently acts as a deterrent to their return to the criminal justice system. Sanctions for defendants found guilty include community service placement, restitution, letters of apology, essay assignments, 5-Point Correctional Facility visits, and classes targeting defendant’s issues.
Contact Information:
City of Elmira Police Department
317 E. Church Street
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: (607) 737-5802

Chemung County Cornell Cooperative Extension - 4-H Program
The four H's (Head, Heart, Hands, and Health) represent four basic human needs: independence, belonging, generosity, and mastery. Research shows that youth whose basic needs are met in positive ways are likely to grow into active citizens and contributing members of their families and communities. 4-H helps children fulfill these needs. By combining project activities with opportunities to go to camp, publicly show their work, travel, host international youth, and attend meetings and events at Cornell University, 4-H provides a framework on which young people can build self-confidence, responsibility, and generosity.
Contact Information:
Cornell Cooperative Extension - Chemung County
Bernadette Raupers - Program Director
425 Pennsylvania Ave
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: (607) 734-4453

Arnot Art Museum – Chemung River School Program
The Arnot Art Museum, an exhibiting institution founded in 1913, offers many and varied programs, exhibitions and events in its mission “to promote an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts; to provide inspiration, enjoyment and enlightenment; and to enhance the cultural life.” The Museum’s programs include Chemung River School, an innovative multi-disciplinary program for fourth graders in the 4 school districts of the region; and the ECSD partnership, in which every Elmira City School District students visits the Museum at least four times during the course of his or her education. The Partnership has resulted in the creation of curriculum guides, tour programs and hands-on projects expressly designed for specify grade levels; each program is available to classrooms from all districts in the service area.
Contact Information:
Arnot Art Museum
235 Lake Street
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: (607) 734-3697