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Virtual Field Trips1
Explore your community! Virtual field trips are a great way to try new things, even when you are stuck at home. You will earn 15 points for every video you watch! After you watch the video, go to the museum and explore as well!


Chemung Valley History Museum

Founded in 1923, the Chemung County Historical Society is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, and presentation of the history of the Chemung Valley region, with a mission to deepen our understanding of history and to provide an appreciation of our community's place in state and national history. The museum is open to the public Monday - Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM.

Click for the Chemung Valley History Museum Part 1!
 In this video we will get to see the main exhibit in the museum! Click here for extension questions!

Click here for the Chemung Valley History Museum Part 2! Back at the Museum, we will explore the new textile exhibit and learn about fashion throughout Elmira's history! The History Museum is handing out a loom craft to go along with their textile exhibit when you visit them. Be sure to ask for your own craft! 

 Click here for the Chemung Valley History Museum Part 3! Let's go to the museum's education room where we can get a closer look at two artifacts!


Wings of Eagles Discovery Center

This local museum has a wide range of aircraft, replicas, missiles, flight simulators and other items on display for public viewing. The staff strives to provide formal and informal education programs to visitors with the use of hands-on and interactive methods engaging students in the study of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. The museum is currently open to the public Fridays through Sundays 10 AM until 3 PM.

Click here to for the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center Part 1!
In this video, we get to check out the amazing aircraft and other hands-on exhibits in the museum, including a flight simulator!

 Click here for the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center Part 2! This time, we will focus on the special Mars exhibit, where you get to experience what it would actually be like to live in space!


ARC Kids on the Block 

Click here to learn watch a puppet show about respecting one another, put on by the Chemung County ARC!


Tanglewood Nature Center 

Tanglewood Nature Center is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to lead and support education and preservation efforts in our region to achieve a heightened awareness, understanding, enjoyment, and caring for our natural environment. The nature center strives to fulfill their mission every day by: maintaining over ten miles of trails, offering educational programming for children and adults, providing homes in our exhibits for more than 40 native and exotic animals, and welcoming over 35,000 visitors a year. The Nature Center will be open to the public Tuesdays - Fridays 9 AM - 4 PM. The Nature Center will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays through Labor Day. Trails are open dawn to dusk, every single day, year-round. Happy hiking!

 Click here for Tanglewood Part 1! In this video we will check out the hiking trails available at Tanglewood!

Click here for Tanglewood Part 2! Come learn about Sophie the Great Horned Owl!

Click here for Tanglewood Part 3! Come learn about Fluffy the Ball Python!

 Click here for Tanglewood Part 4! Come learn about Bernice the Tortoise!



WENY is a local news source here in Chemung County! They cover events including special community features, weather, and local sports. 

 Click here for WENY Part 1! Come with us to see the behind the scenes of creating a local weather forecast!

 Click here for WENY Part 2! Let's check out the behind the scenes work that goes into news production!


Heritage Village at Corning Painted Post Historical Society

The Corning Painted Post Historical Society (CPPHS) was founded in 1947 "to collect local historical data, to diffuse the knowledge of local history, and to promote... the (1948) centenary of the incorporation of Corning as a village." It began immediately collecting information about the community's past.In 1976, the Society acquired and restored as a Bicentennial project the dilapidated 1796 structure once known as the Painted Post Tavern. Located at 73 West Pulteney Street, Corning, it oversees today the Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes which include the Benjamin Patterson Inn and other buildings moved to the site for restoration as the museum grew.

The CPPHS continues to collect local historical information and artifacts. Its place in the museum community is established, with living history programs reaching annually over 5,800 visitors.

 Click here for Heritage Village Part 1! Come with us to see the 1878 Browntown one room schoolhouse!

 Click here for Heritage Village Part 2! Come back to the school house to check out the games children would have played in the early 20th century!


John W. Jones Museum

John W. Jones house in Elmira, New York, as an interactive museum commemorating the life and work of the former slave, who as an Underground Railroad Station Master, safely assisted nearly 800 slaves flight to Canada and was responsible for the dignified burial of nearly 3,000 Confederate soldiers.

 Click here for the John Jones museum! Come with us to learn more about John Jones and see the museum!


Watts Dairy Farm 

 Click here for a tour of Watts Dairy Farm! Let's check out the animals, farm equipment and crops! Click here for an extension. You can print out these questions and use them to follow along on the tour!

(Coming Monday!) Click here to watch Fred the Fish! This video is put on by Storm-Water to help teach about conservation!



WETM is a local news source here in the Twin Tiers! WETM covers sports, contests, news and other community features throughout the region.

Click here for a behind the scenes at WETM! 


Southport Park Tours

Come with us to the town of Southport where we will be giving virtual tours of the public parks! We can show you what is available and hopefully you will visit these different locations soon!

 Click here for a tour of Chapel Park!
(Coming Monday!) Click here for a tour of Draxler Park!
(Coming Monday!) Click here for a tour of Goodwin Park!
(Coming Monday!) Click here for a tour of Sterling Park!


Hidden Alpaca Farm 

(Coming Monday!) Click here to see a tour of the Hidden Alpaca Farm! 


ESPN Ithaca

(Coming Monday!) Click here for a behind the scenes at ESPN Ithaca!


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San Diego Zoo

Click here to explore the San Diego Zoo! This is an awesome website that leads to explore videos, live cams of the animals, and great virtual field trips! It’s never too early to foster a love for animals and their habitats. Through animal stories, videos, crafts and activities, conservation projects, games, and more, San Diego Zoo Kids website piques children’s interest in feathered, furred, and finned friends, as well as those with scales and antennae! From meeting Zoo and Safari Park residents to reading about efforts to save habitats and the animals that call them home, San Diego Zoo Kids is your connection.


National Museum of Natural History

Click here to explore the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History! Even though all Smithsonian museums are temporarily closed to support the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, you can still see the exhibits by clicking the link above! On these virtual tours, you can actually "walk" through the museum using arrows on your screen and tap on the exhibits you would like to view more closely. Fun Fact: This is the musuem where the movie Night at the Museum takes place! See if you can find some of the same real exhibits seen in the movie.


The Science Behind Pixar
 If you love Pixar movies or are interested in film production, click here to explore the Science Behind Pixar! This website, like the exhibition, is organized around steps of Pixar's production pipeline. You will be able to explore activities and videos about creating the Story & Art, Modeling, Rigging, Surfaces, Sets & Cameras, Animation, Simulation, Lighting, and Rendering for Pixar’s films and see how all the parts fit together to create a film.


Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers a wide range of virtual field trips and activities for the whole family! Take a tour of the White House, learn about International Dot Day, check out NFL Play 60 Kids Day and so much more at this one-stop shop. Click here to experience all the fun Discovery Education has to offer! 


Wide Open School

This awesome site has so many virtual field trip options for kids of all ages! Check out dinosaur skeletons and fossils, visit an apple orchard, spend a day at the beach, see inside Space Shuttle Discovery and more! Click here to check out all the fun activities Wide Open School provides!