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Summer Cohesion Logo(downsize)2021 - Parent Page

Riverside Elementary

Important Information / Site Coordinator's Corner!
Tot Lot (Age 4-5 and some 6s): Tot lot will be starting out with some station activities.  Becky and Mallory have ice breaker activities and “getting to know you” coloring sheets. 

Summer Friends (Age 6-7 and some 8s): Summer Friends are out biggest group here at Riverside.  Madison, Brent, and Danine plan on playing fun games outside and in the gym to start off the week! 

Summer Friends (Age some 8s-12): Summer Club includes kids ranging from some 8 year olds all the way to 12 year olds.  Alicia and Derrick have a ton of fun crafts planned to allow the older kids to express themselves and use their resources creatively!

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For - 8/2-8/13/21
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Site Coordinator
Riverside Parker

Senior Rec. Leader
Riverside Bonnie