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Free Medic Alert Safe Return Units 

What is it: A bracelet with vital information about your loved one so if they ever wander they can be returned safely to you.  It will notify others of dementia, health issues and who to contact when found. 

6 out of 10 individuals with dementia will wander.  Protect your loved one and have peace of mind with a safe return unit.  99% of people enrolled in Safe Return are returned quickly and safely compared to only 50% returned safely when they do not have a safe return unit.

How does it work: Your loved one’s bracelet will be engraved with a special ID number, medical information and who to call when they are found.  It will also have a 24-hour toll-free number that anyone can call to link the family and the individual back to each other.  

Benefits of having a Medic Alert Safe Return Unit:

  • Peace of mind
  • Updated personal health record that the caregiver can access 24-hours a day
  • Connection to local assistance 24-hours per day if anything should happen
  • Live 24 hour help for both wandering or medical emergencies
  • Automatically notifies local police and EMS of medical information when loved one is reported missing to Medic Alert


If you have any questions or are interested in a no-cost unit contact Laurie Hansen at 737-5527 or Stephanie Beard at 873-1502

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