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Health Dept. thanks YWCA for a Paid Time Off Policy for Cancer Screenings

Cancer Services Program

Early Detection is the Key
YWCA Adopts Cancer Screening Paid Time Off Policy

Imagine if your employer provided paid time off for your cancer screenings.  An employer in Chemung County, the YWCA, recently did just that.  The adoption of a Paid Time Off Policy by the YWCA supports what many studies have proven, the availability of paid time off from work to obtain preventative cancer screenings; encouraging employees to see a doctor before they develop a serious illness.  Businesses who offer paid time off for cancer screenings can save lives!  They can also save money by reducing absenteeism and health care costs associated with cancer treatment.

Early detection is the key to early treatment and surviving various cancers.  Employees often don’t get cancer screenings because testing sites are only open while they are working and they don’t want to take time off or not get paid to get these much needed cancer screenings.  CEO Michele Johnson of the YWCA has taken a proactive position by adopting a Paid Time Off Policy which eliminates the barriers for her 145 employees.  

As of May 1, 2018 employees at the YWCA will have four hours of paid time off each year to obtain physician recommended, routine, breast, cervical, prostate or colorectal cancer screenings.

The Cancer Services Program of The Southern Tier operated by the Chemung County Health Department is working in the community to educate local businesses on the importance of paid time off policies for cancer screenings.  If you are an employer and would like to learn more about this initiative, please contact Denise at the Cancer Services Program at 607-873-1500.

Thank you again Michele Johnson, CEO at the YWCA!

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