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2020 Budget

April 14, 2021


           Chemung County Executive Christopher J. Moss announces that Chemung County completed the 2020 budget year with a surplus over $2 million. Chemung County was able to achieve this goal with the hard work of many individuals, including our department heads and county-wide elected officials (Treasurer, Sheriff, District Attorney and County Clerk). It should also be noted that our Commissioner of Social Services and his staff did a tremendous job in helping attain this goal, which is remarkable due to the fact that the county operated under a global pandemic for much of the 2020 calendar year. 
The county was able to achieve this goal by addressing a variety of cost-saving measures, including the following:
  • Not immediately backfilling vacant positions;
  • Revising each departmental budget regarding spending on travel, equipment, overtime and etc.;
  • Postponing multiple small building and capital improvement projects.
While these savings, coupled with stimulus funding provided by the federal government, place Chemung County in a strong financial position, one of the major challenges that must be addressed in the near future is the Chemung County Nursing Facility, which continues to operate at a deficit of approximately $3.1 million a year. As we continue to move slowly out of the pandemic, we will be committing greater resources to find ways to address continual annual deficits created by the Nursing Facility.
           This goal couldn’t have been achieved without the continual hard work and oversight on the day to day operations and budgeting expenditures without the assistance of the Deputy County Executive, County Treasurer and Director of Budget and Research.